Buying Guide: Seven Of The Best Video Games This Year

So many games, so little time. Yes, there are plenty of games out there to choose from but like most gamers, you only have so many hours in a day. Indeed, the year 2015 is proving to be a challenging one for gamers and their wallets. With so many titles to choose from, which is it going to be for your Xbox, PC or PlayStation console?

Well, we have gathered some of the freshest picks of this year’s line up of games for your consideration. Whether you love action, shooter, horror or science fiction, there is a little something for everyone in our top picks for games this year.


PlayStation 4

Until Dawn

If you are a fan of slasher flicks then you should definitely keep a look out for Until Dawn, the latest game from developer, Supermassive Games.

This survival horror game puts you in control of eight stereotypical teenagers who are trapped on a remote mountain resort and must survive the night.

Through the “Butterfly Effect” system within the game, your actions may change the flow of the story or ultimately determine if a character lives or dies.

Exploration, discovery and choices you make will have consequences that lead to different scenarios and encourages multiple playthroughs to fully experience the game.

Can you save everyone from a horrible death or will you be the sole survivor? The choice lies in your hands come August 25.

Xbox One

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

If you have missed the sound of chainsaws slicing and dicing alien scum, then its probably a good time to revisit the world of Gears of War with its remastered Ultimate Edition.

The game, released on August 25, will feature remastered graphics for the Xbox One that makes Marcus and the rest of Delta squad looking better than ever.

Relive the horrors of war against the Locust horde all over again in glorious full HD and though much of the game’s campaign remains the same, the game will feature five chapters of the campaign that were originally exclusive to the PC version of the game.

Gear’s fantastic multiplayer mode is also back in this remastered edition and it is every bit as brutal and action packed as the original.

With Gears of War 4 set to be released at the end of 2016, it may be a good to refresh your skills and take a trip down memory lane

Multiplatform (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima’s long awaited Metal Gear sequel is finally coming this year and there is no reason why fans should wait to pick up this title that ties up the phenomenal stealth series.

Big Boss is back and this time his adventures take him to Afghanistan during the Soviet-Afghan War in 1984 as well as other locations around the world.

Unlike previous entries in the series, Phantom Pain features massive open-world environments to explore with plenty of places to hide and sneak.

Players can get around the world using vehicles like jeeps, cars and tanks as well as horseback on mountainous terrain.

Like in the previous game, Peace Walker there are elements of base-building in Phantom Pain that sees Big Boss recruit enemy soldiers and prisoners to their home base to grow their organisation.

Apart from the massive single player campaign, players can look forward to compete against their friends online on the battlefield or sneak through their bases to steal resources.

Metal Gear fans can get the game on September 1.

Coming Soon:

PlayStation 4

No Man’s Sky

Imagine having the entire universe as your playground, being able to explore strange new planets, discover exotic alien lifeforms and engage in massive space battles.

These are the things possible in developer, Hello Game’s No Man’s Sky a science fiction game that opens up almost limitless possibilities to the player.

The sheer size and randomness of the game’s massive universe means that no two players games would be alike.

You can visit planets, scan to discover new species of creatures, collect resources, discover ancient artifacts and so much more.

There is also a range of customisation options you can perform on your trusty spaceship, outfitting it with better weapons, greater speed and jump drives to explore the further reaches of the universe.

So grab your space suits and suit up when No Man’s Sky hits the PS4 sometime this year.

Xbox One

Halo 5: Guardians

Xbox One fans have plenty to cheer about this year as Microsoft releases the long awaited sequel to its popular Halo franchise, Halo 5: Guardians.

Boasting some of the finest first person shooter combat on a console, Guardians is said to have an engaging single player story that will let players take control of the Master Chief as well as another Spartan named Locke.

What is even more exciting is there is also greater emphasis on co-op combat with up to four players so you and your friends can blast Covenant scum and Prometheans together.

Once you are tired blasting aliens, train your sights on your friends in Halo’s all refined multiplayer modes that will put your skills to test and may the best Spartan win.

Spartans prepare for deployment on October 27.

Rise of the Tomb Raider


Having survived her first adventure on Yamatai, Lara Croft has become more like the adventure seeking tomb raider we have come to know and love.

Driven by the thirst to discover ancient mysteries and artifacts, Lara must outsmart the mysterious organisation only known as Trinity, which will do everything to stop her from the discovering the truth behind the incident on Yamatai.

There is an emphasis on hunting, survival and exploration as Lara must use her survival skills and instincts to survive the wild and dangerous world around her.

Expect to see plenty of elements from Tomb Raider with a crafting system to create items from scavenged materials and using her trusty bow and arrow to take down enemies.

Catch Lara on her latest adventure when the game hits store on November 10.

Multiplatform (Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Xbox One, PS4)

Star Wars Battlefront

The Battlefront series has long been the go to games for Star Wars fans who want to experience the large scale battles of a galaxy far, far away.

The long wait is finally over after a near 10 year hiatus, Battlefront is set to coincide with the release of latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.

So far all details point to a big emphasis on battles centred around classic Star Wars movies, i.e. Episodes IV, V, VI and not the prequels.

There will also be battles set during the period of the new movie with hints pointing to the Battle of Jakku which is heavily featured in the upcoming movie.

It is not all about on the ground combat as vehicles such as the X Wing, TIE Fighters, AT-ATs and Snowspeeders play a big part. Players that score well in the game will be able to take to the skies in the Millenium Falcon or Boba Fett’s Slave I.

Fortunately, everyone will get a chance to live their Star Wars fantasies with a variety of different modes and battles to take part in.

November 20 can’t come soon enough.