Android TV – Your TV just got smarter

It’s time to turn up the heat in your living room. No, you don’t have to install a fireplace, you just need an Android TV.

Android TV is a new generation of smart TVs that are built upon the same Google Android platform that powers the leading smartphones and tablets of the world. When you get an Android TV, you can download apps and games, movies, TV shows and music from the Google Play store.

You can also and easily connect your Android phones and tablets to your Android TV to cast or “throw” content you are viewing on your phone to your TV. That’s great when you want to switch from personal entertainment to watching your favourite YouTube videos with friends and family in the living room.

There are two ways you can get started with Android TV. One is to buy an Android TV set-top box such as the Razer Forge, the Nexus Player or the Nvidia Shield and connect the box to your existing TV set. But if you are thinking of getting a new TV or want to get the best Android TV experience, then getting a spanking new Android TV from brands such as Sony, Philips and Sharp is the better choice.

While Samsung and LG have taken to their own proprietary platforms for their smart TVs, Sony is betting on the open Google platform to power the future of its smart TVs. Not only is Sony adopting the open architecture, it has also added a few tricks of its own in an attempt for its brand of Android TVs to stand out from the crowd.

Here is a look at some of the interesting features you can take advantage of  when you choose an Android TV.

Instant access to the latest movies, TV shows, music and games
With an Android TV, you can immediately gain access to the latest content from the Google Play store. Sign in with your existing Google Play account – the same one you are using on your mobile device – and download your favourite apps and games onto the big screen. Feeling bored on a Saturday night? Check into Google Play’s Movies & TV to buy or rent movie blockbusters or popular US TV shows. Need a perk up from a dull day? Get the latest hits from Google Music and enjoy them from the full power of your TV speakers or home entertainment system – instead of the tiny ones on your phone. Even Katy Perry will roar to that.

Cast from your phone to your TV
Simply connect your Android phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your Android TV and you can immediately cast your favourite apps onto the big screen. Checking out the latest movie trailers on You Tube or watching a big Hearthstone match on Twitch? Don’t be a lone ranger. Entertainment is better enjoyed with your friends and family. As long as your app is Google Cast ready, you can instantly “throw” or cast it onto your Android TV. There are hundreds of Google Cast ready apps including Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Twitch, TED, Chrome, Viki, TED and more.

Games, games, games
Up to four players can duke it out on an Android TV. With access to thousands of games from the Google Play store, you can get into the thick of the action by yourself or with other friends and family members. Not everyone needs a compatible game pad, some can use their own Android phone or tablet and join in the fun.

Let your voice do the searching
Why type with your fingers when you can search for your favourite content by simply talking. Android TV remote controls have a unique button which lets you push and talk to start a voice search. Look for movies starring your favourite actors and actresses or instantly jump to a specific title you are looking for by using your voice. Or if you just want to search the Web for the latest news.

The latest Sony Bravia TVs come with its unique Touchpad Remote Control that has this voice search features in addition to a responsive touchpad that works like a mouse for navigating your TV dashboard with ease.

Check out Sony’s range of Android TVs at Booth No. 8205 at COMEX 2015