Eating Guide to COMEX 2015

The throngs of crowds at any sale is definitive proof that Singaporeans love great deals.  With COMEX just round the corner, to say that Suntec City will be packed with people is an understatement.

If you are a seasoned bargain hunter, you will know the importance of having a bite before and after you step into the COMEX grounds.  Yes, covering the entire ground for hot deals will be a great work out, so eat well!

After a good day of bargain hunting, the last thing you want is to be wandering around looking for seats at an eatery, or having to pay through the nose for your food and fork out all that money you just saved.

Suntec City has a diverse directory of dining options offering different cuisines, check out our top ten eating spots under $15!

Nam Nam Noodle Bar

Fountain of Wealth, #B1-131

Nam Nam Noodle bar has received many favourable reviews since its opening days over the years, so it is definitely a must-try in our list. An offshoot of Annam Vietnamese Cuisine, it is owned by the Les Amis Group so you can be sure of the quality. Exactly what we were looking for!

Nam Nam Noodle Bar has bargain breakfast value sets at $6.50 for the Banh Mi sets and $8.50 for the Pho set, and a 3-course lunch menu for $9.90. The Pho and Banh Mi toasted baguette sets costs $9.90 and includes a drink and a side of spring rolls are worth a mention. If you are heading down on the first two days, keep a look out for this enticing deal which is only available from 10 am to 3pm on weekdays.

If you are coming in at other times of the day or on weekends, try the signature Pho sets. The classic Pho dishes are all priced at $9.00, with more premium options like the Pho beef combination at $10 and Pho with wagyu beef slices at $17. Still value-for-money, we say!

The best part? Nam Nam Noodle Bar does not use MSG to add flavour to its soups. All that delectable flavour is as natural as it gets.

Another dish worth a mention is the Southern Rolls ($5.20). While tasty on its own, the accompanying dip made out of Hoisin sauce fried with chicken liver is unforgettable.

Dessert lovers will also not want to miss the Caramel chocolate crunch ice cream, espresso Kahlua liqueur with crushed peanuts. It is every bit as soothing as it sounds!

Muthu’s Curry

Fountain of Wealth, #B1-109/177

If you love fish head curry, you must have heard of this place. Muthu’s Curry is one of the best places to grab a bite of this uniquely Singaporean dish. Their fish head curry is a must-try dish to be shared among groups, prices start at $22 for a small portion.

The fish used is seasonal, and can vary from Sea Bass, Red Snapper or Sea Bream. Not so spicy that it would kill your taste buds, the mixture of okra, pineapple drenched in its aromatic curry spices is tantalising enough to leave you chewing every single morsel of the fish head. Our personal favourite are the cheeks, so expect yourself to be fighting over that when you are sharing the dish!

Muthu’s Curry also serves both Southern and Northern Indian dishes, and there are many delicious options for under $15. The Butter Chicken dish ($12) is a classic southern Indian cuisine and deserves a mention. If you prefer your food to come with more of a kick, you can try the Muthu’s Chicken Chukka ($12). Warning! You might want to stay away from that unless you are really confident of your ability to handle spiciness. It is certainly not a dish for the faint of heart!

For meat lovers, the Lamb Chops are a real treat at only $14. Complete your meal with the stir fried mysore muttons are also amazing – luscious pieces of mutton, stir fried with chilli coriander and cashew nuts ($11).

You can walk off your meal when COMEX opens its doors!

Keisuke Ramen

West Wing, #02-391/392

Another one of Chef Takeda’s ramen outlets, Keisuke Tokyo has a more restaurant-like feel to it as compared to its sister outlets like Tonkotsu King at Orchid Hotel and Tori King at Amara Hotel.

Complete your meal with more than just gyoza. Give items like the Deep Fried Prawns with mayonnaise, or the deep fried chicken with spicy sauce and leek both impressing in taste and price ($8).

The Crab Stock Ramen has a thick seafood aroma that makes it quite distinctive from other ramen stocks (from $12). Accompanied by the delicious Ajitama egg, it is perhaps the most popular dish at Keisuke Tokyo with most customers ordering this delectable selection during their visit there.

Another recommendation is the fish-stock ramen, which is not a common find outside of Japan. The broth is flavoured lightly, served with tender slices of char siew to make it a perfect meal!


North Wing, #02-472 to 474

The latest kid to the Suntec block, Bottura is the place to go for authentic Italian plates at affordable prices. With over 100 items on the menu to represent owner Luca Bottura’s Northern Italian heritage, you’ll be spoilt for choices here!

From cold cuts platters, to fresh handmade pasta and delectable pizzas – all made from scratch, there’s something for everyone. We recommend the Nidi di rondine, fresh pasta rolled into a spiral, and filled with béchamel sauce and ham, also known as “Swallow’s Nest” ($14). Another crowd favourite is the Polpette di carne in umido con piselli, which is a comforting plate of meatballs with tomatoes and peas ($14).

Round up your meal with delectable classic desserts like Italian tiramisu, crem caramel, panna cotta or house-made gelato. You could share the I dolci secondo Bottura: La Degustazione($14)– a degustation of four different desserts so you can try them all! 

Guksu Restaurant

West Wing, #02-384/385

Guksu Restaurant is a popular eatery in Suntec City which specialises in Jeongol or Korean style hotpot meals.  The restaurant fills up pretty quickly during weekends, despite the large number of eateries at Suntec City, so that in itself should speak of its quality.

The menu here is predominantly occupied by Jeongol items, although there are other items available. Guksu Restaurant is best visited if you are in a large group as its hotspot items are generously portioned and priced for two to four persons ($50 per pot).

Lunch sets are also available at $12.90 per set, which are welcoming to both our palate and wallets!

Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint

East Wing, #02-609/610

Kay Lee definitely comes to mind when you think of roast meats. Exquisitely marinated with a blend of 11 different herbs and spices, the roast meats like their signature Zhu Jiang Char Siew ($6.80 for single roast rice, $8.80 for two and $10.80 for three) are definitely the hero items. The menu here has also expanded to include a variety of noodles, double-boiled soups, congee and appetisers, be prepared to have a feast here!

This is definitely the place to go if you’re looking for a hearty meal that definitely will not disappoint.


Turkish Kebab House

East Wing, #B1-105

We have not forgotten about our Muslim friends, who are probably looking for a Halal restaurant to dine at. Situated at East Wing, #B1-105, the eatery features a host of delicious Kebabs.

Little more than a hole across the wall from Giant supermarket, the only downside is that seating is rather limited, but it’s a perfect place to grab some food and run.

The Turkish Kebab House is not in our list just because it is affordable, but it is probably one of the better Kebab joints in Singapore. Get a taste of the Hummus starters at $5, which is hugely popular with their patrons.

Falafels here are homemade, need we say more? We strongly recommend that you try the lamb kebab, priced at $10.80, which features an interesting flavour combination – a signature sweet sauce is a perfect contrast to the sour pickles, complementing the succulent lamb meat to make a satisfying meal.

Punggol Nasi Padang

East Wing, #B1-100

Located at Suntec City, Tower Three, #B1-100, Punggol Nasi Padang is another Halal restaurant that comes to mind within Suntec City.

The first thing that comes to mind about this place is how flavourful the food here is! At $5.50 for an ala carte set, it definitely is a steal for a diner based in town. With drinks priced at around $1.50, meals here typically cost anything between seven to ten dollars.

The fare here is standard Malay/Indonesian cuisine, and actually features a lot more than just Nasi Padang. There is also the Mee Soto, a classic Malay dish featuring yellow noodles in chicken broth soup and a generous serving of shredded chicken meat.


North Wing, #B1-139

If you’re looking for a quick and light bite right after you step out of COMEX, Qiji is the place to go to. Renowned for its signature local classics like their fragrant Nasi Lemak, traditional noodle dishes and handmade Popiah, you can rest your feet while sipping on their freshly-brewed beverages like barley, chrysanthemum tea and many more. Nothing on the menu costs more than $10! 


Thunder tea rice

Fountain of Wealth, #B1-115 to 120

With a name like Thunder tea rice, you can expect this eatery to cook up a storm in your mouth. The burst of flavour from the green tea that you pour over the rice is refreshingly good.

Located in Food Republic at Suntec Tower three, #B1-115, a bowl of Thunder tea rice costs $5.50, and consists of rice, assorted vegetables and peanuts, as well as a bowl of green tea.

Packed with healthy and delicious vegetables, you’ll be all set to conquer COMEX!