Part I: Getting to know your Top 5 #COMEXBabes!

Getting to know your Top 5 #COMEXBabes!

Part I

You may have heard about the #selfie contest at COMEX where you stand to win $300 just by taking a selfie with the COMEX babes.

Yes, you heard right. Simply attend COMEX 2015, look for your favourite COMEX Babe, take a selfie that gorgeous girl, share it on Facebook/Instagram, tag it with #COMEXbabes.

That is it. That is all you need to do to stand a chance to win $300 cash.

Sounds easy? For some of us who tend to be socially awkward, especially in front of beautiful people, it might be a pretty daunting task.

Not to worry. To help you break the ice, we picked the brains behind these beauties about some of their interests, favourite gadgets, selfies and fashion.

Denise Pung

Denise knows a thing or two about selfie gadgets. As a self proclaimed selfie junkie, she is looking forward to checking out the Casio TR series at COMEX 2015 for their “perfect selfies”. She is particularly eager to test out the Casio TR60.

The 22-year-old SIM-UOL business student enjoys a good book, swimming, shopping, reading interesting articles online and watching sitcoms.

Besides good lighting, great hair and makeup, Denise shared her secret ingredient for a perfect selfie. Her bottom line for a good selfie? “Putting on your brightest smile will also make your selfie shine!”

Karen Stella Wong

Say hi to Karen, or Stella, when you meet her at COMEX, she goes by either name. Ask her about what games she’s currently playing for starters.  

You might also find her checking out the latest compact cameras. One that might come in handy for her occasional travels. Do give her your recommendations, and help Karen find her dream camera. Remember to take a #selfie with her while you do so!

When asked for any fashion advice during COMEX, she says being neat, clean and presentable, regardless of outfits, is most important.

Staying cool, fresh and smelling good does wonders for confidence. Bear that in mind, and you will have no problems approaching the #COMEXBabes for selfies!

Make your way to the runway

You can check out the #COMEXBabes at the catwalk with the latest gadgets at 2pm and 6.30pm daily as part of Fashion Time. There will also be a short photo session with the girls after each showcase, so get your cameras ready!

Hold your votes though! Next up, we have Demi, Janessa and Tifflin so do look out for our next article!