Part II: Getting to Know Your Top 5 Booth Babes

Well, here we have it, Part Two of the Booth Babe interviews! In this round of interviews, we had the charming trio of Tifflin, Demi and Janessa tell us more about themselves.

From their favourite gadgets, to their hobbies and habits find out more about these lovely ladies of COMEX 2015!

If you missed our first article with Denise and Karen, you can check that out here.

Tifflin Tan

Tifflin, Tiff or Ting (her Chinese name) is a 20 year old student and, a big advocate of social media, who prides herself on her keen ability to interact with people.

Besides keeping in touch with people online, Tifflin keeps up to date with the latest episodes of Return of Superman (do note that this is a Korean reality TV series, and there is no Kryptonite involved).

She is looking forward to checking out ViewQwest TV 4K at COMEX and is super excited about finally having access to Netflix and Hulu Plus! for a very, very long list of shows she’s waiting to catch!

Her thoughts on #selfies? “Oh gurl, selfies are never too much!”

Demi Wong

Demi is a long time fan of Mac products and swears by her iPhone 6 and MacBook Pro. The sporty 20-year-old SIM student used to be an avid touch rugby player.  

When she’s free, she enjoys spending quality time with her family or catching up for tea with friends.

Demi says her secret for fabulous selfies are all about great angles and lighting.

Her philosophy on looking good, is dressing to express, rather than to impress. Wear what’s comfortable, and worry less about what the world deems to be “good looking”.

Janessa Tan

Last, but not least, we have Janessa. This soulful 19-year old student enjoys reading, snapping shots with her camera, and painting. When pressed on her favourite part of COMEX, Janessa played the part of a true, blue, Singaporean and quickly replied, "Cheap deals."

Her favourite gadget is the Canon 700D. When asked why she singled the DSLR as her favourite, she replied, "It shoots great portraits and has a great shutter speed."

This year at COMEX though, this self-proclaimed selfie-junkie is looking out for the Casio TR60, describing it as the best camera for selfies. Her advice for fellow selfie-addicts?

"Look for your best angle, and don't forget to use filters!"

Booth Babe Contest

Still not sure who’s your favourite amongst the #COMEXBabes? They can be found doing the catwalk with the latest gadgets at 2pm and 6.30pm daily as part of Fashion Time.

Don't forget to take a selfie with your favourite booth babe to stand a chance to walk away as one of three lucky winners to grab $300 in cash!

All you have to do is to look for your favourite COMEX Babe, take a selfie with the babe of your choice and share it on Facebook/Instagram, with the tag #COMEXbabes.

Good luck!