Out with the old: trade in your devices at COMEX 2016

2016 has been a good year for laptops. With the recent announcement that Nvidia’s latest desktop graphics cards would be placed in their laptops as well, laptops will now see unprecedented levels of graphical performance. Combine that with the low power consumption of Intel’s latest 6th generation Skylake processors, as well as the surge in popularity of fast and durable solid-state drives (SSDs), and we're suddenly in a new renaissance of the laptop computer. There’s no better time to upgrade.

The question is: what are you going to do with that old clunker still hiding in your laptop bag? The one that takes a full two minutes to start up and sounds like a hurricane when it goes two degrees above room temperature. Also, if you accidentally unplug it from the charger, you have all of seven seconds to plug it back in before its overworked battery dies. 


The Aftershock S-17 is one of the laptops newly equipped with the desktop-level Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, the latest offering from Nvidia. Image: Aftershock PC

No worries -- that’s what PC Dreams is here for. Having handled the trade-in process for several COMEXes, IT Shows and PC Shows, there’s no better team of technicians, experts and PC builders to assess your old laptop, and determine its worth. And did we mention that this trade-in policy doesn’t just extend to laptops? Tablets and pre-built desktops are also fair game. 

But why stop at just desktops? Even more importantly, COMEX 2016 is expanding its trade-in policy to TVs and monitors. Unfortunately, if you’ve got an old-timey cathode-ray tube television set (CRT) that you want to get rid of, look elsewhere -- PC Dreams is only accepting LCD or LED screens above 18.5 inches. 

An old-school cathode-ray tube (CRT) monitor -- this wouldn't qualify for trade-in. Image: Philips USA

Of course, PC Dreams isn’t offering a simple disposal service where you dump your unwanted devices and forget about it. You get something out of it too! Customers who trade their computers in will receive cash vouchers for their old computers for use at any retailer on the showroom floor at COMEX 2016. 

Regardless of the value or brand of your traded device, customers will also receive complimentary vouchers from Kaspersky, Lenovo, and Samsung. Combined with the massive discounts on new systems at the show, it’s a win-win -- you get rid of your old devices, and you get a hefty chunk off a brand-spanking-new device at the show.

The new HP Spectre, the epitome of a brand-spanking-new device available at COMEX 2016. Image: HP

If this all sounds too good to be true, it almost is. There are quite a few conditions for accompanying the trade-in. Unfortunately for the master builders among us, PC Dreams doesn’t accept custom-built desktop computers, no matter how much hardware they’re packing underneath the hood. Also, if you’ve had your laptop for quite a while -- the kind that still runs, say, Windows 98 -- PC Dreams also won’t be accepting single-core processors. 

Lastly, be warned -- you can’t come to COMEX and expect to be paid a fortune for something that’s been obsolete for a decade. PC Dreams warns all that laptops depreciate significantly after six years, and tablets after two. Furthermore, any devices that have been tampered with or damaged will be ineligible for trade-in. The closer your device is to stock, the better chance it has of being accepted. 

This PC is probably not eligible for trade-in. Image: Tech Critter

Keeping all this in mind, what do you need to do to get that one step closer to a shiny new computer or tablet? First things first -- get a quote. PC Dreams’ COMEX site (accessible here at http://pcdreams.com.sg/comex/) is the place to get started. Fill out the form there with any information you have available about your existing computer, such as its date of purchase, its battery life, as well as whatever you may know about what lies under the hood. Processor? Hard drive capacity? The more information you can tell them, the more accurate their quote will be when they send it back to you.

If you’re satisfied with the quote, charge up your device (if possible), back your data, and drop it off at Suntec Convention Hall 603, between 8 to 11 September. And that’s it! Enjoy your new vouchers.

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