Five places to eat around COMEX with Pokestops

Cheapest options? Quietest? Nope! This year, with the Pokemon Go phenomenon hitting our shores, shoppers are constantly ton the lookout for the best place to catch a grub, and maybe a Pikachu or two during lunch!

Well if you're headed to COMEX 2016 and are hoping not to fall behind your fellow trainers, fret not,  we've got your backs! Here are some of the best spots to eat, with plenty of Pokestops and lures along the way.

1.      Raffles City
The basement of Raffles City is full of interesting eateries, suitable for any time of the day. If you are grabbing breakfast before hitting COMEX, they have traditional favorites like Toast Box and Ya Kun. Later in the day, take a break from the shopping and have a good sit down meal at one of the many restaurants or cafes around basement one to recharge – both your body as well as your inventory of Pokeballs.

WHEAT, located within range of a Pokestop, is a Japanese inspired salad and noodle bar. If you haven’t been to this place before, you might mistake their menu to be some sort of Pokedex, with items like Whale, Penguin and Reindeer on it. Don’t worry, they do not specialise in exotic meats. The dishes are just named after animals that live in colder climates as cold soba noodles is one of their key ingredients. Expect to find a healthier options like Teriyaki Chicken, Grilled Salmon or Barramundi to go with your base of cold soba, brown rice or salad.

A quick walk around basement one will cover five Pokestops in total.

2.      Suntec City

There are two spots within Suntec City that will put you well within walking distance to Pokestops. On level two of the New Zone, above H&M and Uniqlo, are a few restaurants that will make up a mini United Nations’ Conference. Representing South East Asia is PappaRich serving up Malaysian delights. The extensive menu will leave you spoilt for choice. From Ipoh Kuay Teow to Assam Laksa to Cendol. It’s like travelling from the North to the South of Peninsula Malaysia in one sitting.

The Kimchi Korean restaurant serves Kimchi Soup that packs a punch while Keisuke Tokyo, the ramen restaurant two doors down serves a crab stock ramen that is almost a bisque. Definitely a must try if you enjoy strong seafood flavours. Otherwise, consider the regular chicken stock ramen or the Japanese Dried Fish stock, also known as Niboshi, if you are only slightly adventurous.

It might be difficult to reach the Pokestops from inside the restaurants but these are the closest dining areas from COMEX and the Pokestops are just around the corner. If you must, you can excuse yourself from the table and visit a few stops on the way to the loo.

Another option, if you can get the right seat, is the Food Republic food court at the basement of Suntec City. If you plant yourself close to the edge of the food court, you should be just within range of a Pokestop, assuming your avatar doesn’t run off on its own to explore the Fountain of Wealth. It probably just wants to get back to COMEX ASAP.

3.      Millenia Walk

Across the road from the Suntec City Convention Centre is Millenia Walk. Head over to Kith Café if you want to be smack in the middle of three Pokestops. While the food at Kith Café is wonderful and they do provide power sockets at selected seats where you can charge your phone (or you could pick up a portable battery or two at COMEX), it can be a tad bit expensive after a day of shopping.

There are a couple more Pokestops at the other end of the mall which can be reached from MOS Burger. If you thought Millenia Walk only has atas cafes and fast food places, you’d be pleasantly surprised to find that EAT, the bak chor mee kopitiam, has also established itself at Millenia Walk and is also located close to where MOS burger is.

4.      Marina Square

As you take the escalators up to the food court at Marina Square, you will pass a few Pokestops along the way. Dining at Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice should put you within range of the Pokestop if you can get a table close to Marina Square’s event foyer. Otherwise, the food court is a good place to pick up a quick bite and head back to COMEX, passing all those Pokestops along the way back. Popular items at this food court include the Grilled Chicken (ayam panggang) Set and Claypot Rice, which is served relatively quickly when compared to other claypot rice places.

5.      Makansutra Glutton’s Bay at Esplanade

In our research to find you the best places to eat with Pokestops, this has got to be the best combination of both. To reach all five Pokestops within the Esplanade will only take you about five to ten minutes and is one of the popular Pokemon-hunting spots in the area. During the cooler evenings, the entire area is filled with people Pogo-ing. The food at Glutton’s Bay is nothing to scoff at either. This collection of hawker stalls has been carefully curated by Singapore’s champion for street food, KF Seetoh. So find a table, order your favourite from the vast variety at the Glutton’s Bay then take turns to walk the Esplanade Pokemon-go crcuit. Dinner should be done in no time.